Management for owners


Expertise in the management of relevant real estate portfolios, with different typologies and specialized and dedicated teams, as well as experience in managing real estate income at different stages of their life cycles, contribute to the range of possible solutions for each project, already tried and with known results.

The experience of the Widerproperty team as owners’ representatives and the responsibilities assumed in this area, allow us to understand the needs that management should always prioritize, supported by rigor and reliability. With no defined revenues, and assuming that each project is the most important project under management, Widerproperty ensures the level of proximity to its customers that best ensures predefined results and fulfilment of expectations.

  • Residential developments
  • Facility services
  • Shopping centers
  • Real estate promotion
  • Tourist resorts
  • Terrains
  • Additional services
  • Facility services
  • Hands on management 360º



more than 1 million sqm under management

Contract rental

The integration of office or residential lease management processes is assumed as a set of actions ranging from preparation of contract drafts by the legal department, delivery and receipt of fractions by the technical department to payment guarantee of rent and common expenses where applicable by the finance department. In the shopping centers, store utilization contracts are used, the level of integration is even higher, with management of the specificities of these contracts in the various variables by the retail management and resident teams.


With extensive experience and management levels, Widerproperty ensures complete servicing for tourist resorts. In addition to the services already provided by the owners or ensuring full management, the commitment to quality is placed in the hotel service. For projects with tourist exploration, or other equivalent model, we offer Nau Premium Homes, including B2B and B2C management, and a high positioning that ensures the differentiation and valuation of projects at the outset.


The availability of technical engineering services applied to the maintenance of buildings allows a greater degree of proximity in ensuring the preservation of the value of buildings. The Widerproperty engineering team ensures compliance with maintenance plans, proposes and monitors multiannual investment plans and oversees the full operation of equipment and buildings.

The possible benchmarking in the vast portfolio under management always allows the best solutions to be found and the negotiation with external providers always benefits from the market context before them, always ensuring the best practices.

With experience in operational management, ensuring the selection of the most appropriate service providers and the fulfilment of individual contracts by each entity is a daily necessity. The selection always starts with a specification and the names of the entities to be consulted validated by the owners, followed by the best market practices in the selection and accountability process, always aiming to create value to the users of buildings. The list of types of services necessary to maintain the critical factors for the good quality of the spaces is wide, their coordination and guarantee of results is the focus of the Widerproperty operational team.


Budgetary control of projects is always ensured by reference to an initially approved business plan, and with operational expense control routines supported by cross-cutting procedures and scrutinized by the business support ERP. Levels of control follow simple rules such as segregation of duties, each euro is justified and supported to account for the owners’ expectations. Team experience, scale of portfolio under management and market benchmarking also allow very favourable conditions for new properties placed under Widerproperty’s management responsibility.


Alongside budgetary control is always treasury control, including a fruitful collection work appropriate to the type of contracts, real estate and clients. Financial management is broader and includes all the necessary aspects, from treasury planning to financing investments with funds generated by the operation of own properties, to the preparation and negotiation of financing with banking entities.


Scrutiny of work done to ensure a high standard of service quality is a practice used by Widerproperty in its internal organization model and also in reporting activity to its customers. Management mandates are always supported by operational, financial, business evolution commitments, so owners are efficiently monitored when reporting is proactive. Assuming willingness to adopt any kind of multilingual reporting, the experience to report to both listed and international clients has allowed for an up-to-date evolution of best market practices.


The vertical integration of the necessary services to the real estate management value chain has enabled the acquisition of skills in setting up operations in any project status, always with a medium and long term vision. As an example the experience in PH’s design and development of condominium regulations in multifunctional and complex projects, ensuring the deed before the start of sales and income management. With a legal team specializing in real estate, these approaches are always tailor made and in alignment with the intended strategy for the property, including the future management model.


Assuming the representation of owners occurs when any action of managing their properties is delegated to Widerproperty, the evolution of the degree of delegation is mainly achieved by the guarantees that the rigor and reliability of the processes and posture of the people allows. In developing its business Widerproperty has been assuming representations in real estate and portfolios very relevant, so the posture and responsibility that these mandates put us is assimilated, from simple management routines in a residential asset to the administration of investment vehicles for non-national clients.


Investment in management support tools suitable for each project and each client, from software and apps dedicated to specific targets of ERP Primavera with a high level of development dedicated to real estate. Widerproperty also invested in Yardi skills, an international software dedicated to the management of real estate funds and the teams use in several cases the client’s software, namely SAP and Fund Manager.


Sustainability as a necessity also in buildings, built or to be built. We assume the design of green buildings as an objective of Widerproperty management, in a path that assumes distinct and complementary technical scopes in the real estate projects value chain. Contributing objectively to European “carbon free” goals, through the proper alignment of sustainable solutions suitable for each building, is part of the positioning of this team.


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