Real estate development

Integrated management applied to real estate assumes its expanded dimension when interaction with Widerproperty services occurs at the design phase. With several mandates underway at this stage of relevant projects in the market, intervention can be ensured prior to acquisitions or later, in the licensing phase, to ensure profitability projections or to confirm only, as well as to ensure future assumptions in the phase of yield management, maintaining ownership or planning the sale and valuation in yield context.

With partners who are experts in very specific technical areas (eg. environmental land due diligence or unfinished building appraisal and investment to carry out licensed projects), Widerproperty also ensures the integration of all necessary services to owners.

The knowledge and experience provided by the portfolio under management enables a benchmarking of solutions across all asset types, very useful for specific or multipurpose assets. These include income properties such as shopping centers, retail parks or shopping arcades, tourist, residential or office developments, as well as non-rented properties such as semi-built properties, lots or land.


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